This is what the Year 3 Teachers at Hilltop Primary School, Crawley said about their sessions with Tailors Through Time, May 2016.

"TTT provided a hands on and engaging experience where children were able to touch and try on Victorian clothing. They could compare what clothing was like for a wealthy monarch to a poor prisoner. They were made to feel like real Victorians. The session allowed children to explore why certain fabrics were used and this encouraged interesting discussion about how they were made.”

“Eileen and Kate are incredibly passionate and knowledgable about Historical clothing. Their costumes show a real insight into the Victorian era and the children were inspired to ask questions to find out more about them”.

“Eileen and Kate kept the attention of the class throughout the session, the children enjoyed trying on the clothing and were inspired to research more about the fabrics, including the origins of the cotton plant.”

“The children throughly enjoyed their session with Tailors Through Time.”

“We would recommend TTT to other Schools.”

Worth Park Victorian Picnic July 2016.

“We thoroughly enjoyed dressing our children in the beautiful Victorian clothes at Worth Park Victorian Picnic. They enjoyed learning about the clothes and felt very special wearing them”. Mrs Goodbourn

“A splendid idea to have period clothes for modern children to try on. Those I saw wearing them were delighted with how they looked. Lots of interaction, a great exhibit”. Carolyn Last historyonyourhead.com

“Very good, kept the kids interested with lots of things to touch and feel. Great!” Chris

“Thank you for the education and opportunity for children to dress up” Anon

“My twins, Emily and Ryan aged 9 loved getting all dressed up in the period costumes. Emily loved the posh Victorian outfit whilst Ryan liked the Prison outfit!” Kerry Burgess

“Beautifully made costume. My granddaughter tried on a lovely young ladies outfit and the bonnet finished it off wonderfully. Highly recommended”. Sheila & Caitlin Drury

“Thank you kindly for dressing my daughter up so beautifully.” Brian McLaren

“My 8 year old son, really enjoyed trying on the clothes! We all had a wonderful day out.” K. Attree

“What a day! This was an amazing day for me helping Eileen with her TTT costumes. Asking the children how they felt wearing the outfits gave some surprising responses. The boys loved trying on the ‘convict outfit’ and wearing the ‘street urchin sack’. The girls said they felt like “ladies” and we visible saw their demeanour changed, became quiet and polite. When they put on the school uniform it was the fact they wanted to have similar today!!. Out with the modern clothes. Bring History to Life!!” Liz Stevens. Worth Park Volunteer.